Progress to Penryn

9th October 2018

We had about 35 people over the boat at varying times in August. Some young, some not so young, a few well qualified and experienced and some new to the game.

That seems good to me for early days, as we get used to the boat which has no winches, and an ability to surprise with the unexpected! Here we are in Penrhyn, traditional sailing homeland. Some leaks need to be fixed after the long hot summer, then we’ll see what next?

We have now found a half tide mud berth in the River Fal, Penrhyn. Time to take stock and repair those leaks around the rudder post, to give the pumps a rest, and to bolster the skipper’s wounded ego! Nothing wrong with the ego, just that it needs to be surrendered. So important to make the tides your friend….

One of the reasons for keeping a log on a voyage is it helps break up the long night watches by providing a tired crew with a regular task. Another is that it records places that are nice to come back to, like the Helford River in Cornwall, and which to avoid. Perhaps a bit like the journey on the Christian life? We have a chartplotter, an electronic log on board and an old fashioned handwritten one (King James version?!)


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